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If you look online you will find hundreds of CBDs and the recurring question is "Which is the best?"  The response has to do with the concentration of CBD and bioavailability: it is a pharmacokinetic concept that refers to the fraction and rate at which the administered dose of a drug reaches its therapeutic target (channels, transporters, receptors, which are protein macromolecules), which means reaching up to the tissue on which it acts.

Why is the CBD from CBD Combo called SUPER CBD?

This means that the 250mg CBD in our product is the equivalent to 2500+ mg of CBD in regular products!

• Being water soluble means CBD can pass through the membranes of the mouth and stomach much faster!

• When CBD is not water soluble, around 90% of the cannabinoids get destroyed in the liver.

• Increased CBD Assimilation allows more of the compounds to get into the bloodstream.

• You will feel the CBD significantly faster, typically within 5 minutes.

There are two companies that produce a product based on CBD liposomes. All other brands are of a minor compound. Ojai Energetics produces "SUPER CBD" using a process of organically influenced micronized hydrosomes for superior bioavailability. The micro-hydrosome allows a faster delivery of both sublingual and ingested nutrients of the CBD. Micronized hydrosome is vital for maximum bioavailability for sublingual uptake.


Other CBDs proclaimed as water soluble, do not use organic methods of administration. These products allow the washing of the lipid elements and do not dissolve in the saliva for their total absorption in the mucous membrane. The micronized hydrosome passes much faster through the mucous membrane, since it is absorbed almost immediately. The sublingual application is the ideal delivery product for our "SUPER CBD" product.

We are distributors for Ojai Energetics the manufacturers of the product. 

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